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RE’EM HAZAN, Founder

Re’em grew up in a rural area and has spent his life raising dozens of dogs. He has 15 years of technical experience and mega project management. He’s the mind behind Piqapoo.

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EREZ BARR, CPA, Co-Founder

Holding a BA in Economics and Accounting, Erez has experience working as an accountant and as a business analyst.

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ELI DOTAN, ADV, Co-Founder

An attorney by profession, Eli also has a technological background, having worked as systems architect for the Israeli Air Force, and is currently Senior System Architect at one of the largest I.T. companies in Israel.

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GIDEON HAZAN, Board Member

Gideon is an inspirational leader, with 25 years of retail and consumer product business experience and a track record of building successful companies from the ground up.

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SAAR GISPAN, Marketing Dir.


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